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Protests, boycotts, threats against your employees, agents and facilities can have devastating effects on your organization. In addition to the financial cost and lost productivity, there can be a high price to pay in terms of employee safety, compromised reputation and customer trust.

Seeing online indications and warnings of threats in the physical world requires an information-based approach to security that identifies risks early for effective prevention and mitigation. ARXON Corporate Security provides web and social media monitoring and in-depth analysis of online indications and warnings related to physical threats. In addition to this customer-specific monitoring, the service also includes periodic in-depth studies and daily intelligence reports on industry-wide activity, prominent threat actors, and trends in attack techniques methods

Key Benefits

  • Provides early warning

  • Incident investigations provide context to assess the level of each threat so you can better allocate resources


Our alerts keep you on top of the below emerging threats:

  • Disruptive events impacting your facilities

  • Organized protests and activism that can impact physical business operations

  • Physical threats to your employees, assets and infrastructure

  • References from organizations previously identified as posing a risk to your operations

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