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Detect and monitor online threats to high-level public or private figures by focusing in three distinct areas:

Leaders Online Threat Alerts - In addition to the Leaders Threat Assessment, which we normally suggest only to those most visible, or those already known to be in the crosshairs of certain opponents, we offer a basic subscription service for email monitoring and alerts. These focus on comments, posts, or other content with potential risk in the areas of physical threats, information threats, or discussions. Alerts are checked by threat analysts to make sure you only receive valid results, not the “noise” that makes your phone ring all night. List of sources: Facebook, Twitter, G + and other sources.

  • Physical threats - online posts that threaten a person or induce others to take violent or harmful action directly against them.

  • Information threats - From the malicious posting of personal information to inadvertent disclosure by the individual or their family, the web and social media can quickly distribute sensitive data.​

  • Known Adversaries - A growing and increasingly observable community of actors who target organizations and individuals for criminal, political and even social and religious reasons.

While there is no way to stop online actors from posting, you can understand your exposure and stay on top of their activities.

  • In-depth assessments can identify sensitive data and uncover online opponents

  • Real-time monitoring provides indication and warning of live chat and future threats

  • Response and investigation services help rid the web of fraudulent, illegal and sensitive content

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