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Protecting your customer and business data in today's online environment requires an intelligence-driven approach that focuses on identifying risks early for effective prevention and mitigation. ARXON Information Protection is a comprehensive intelligence offering that complements your security team's efforts to find internal data leaked or stolen from your organization and indicates that outside actors are trying to enter. ARXON does this by monitoring the open source internet for leaks or thefts of information associated with your organization, as well as the detection of chatter among threat actors referencing your organization.

Internal Data

Data loss can quickly lead to large-scale damage across your organization. Leaks about your intellectual property, for example, can virtually wipe out your organization's competitive advantage. ARXON has detected data loss for various causes, including:


  • Employee messages and discussions

  • Data dumps on file sharing and "paste" sites

  • Leaks of documents and other references to sensitive information

External Threats Targeting Your Business

ARXON has over 10 years of surveillance and protection experience, monitoring the open Internet for indications and warnings of upcoming attacks. Armed with the knowledge of the “who, when, what, how and why” of attacks, our customers are able to preemptively strengthen their defenses and spend fewer resources on unfounded threats.

How ARXON supports you

Our analysts monitor all vectors and sources of the Internet using open source tools that are often not discovered by other vendors. We bring data from several social networks, document sharing sites, blogs, forums and some IRC discussion channels.

Our cyber analysts work collaboratively to provide your security team with only relevant threat intelligence. You will benefit from the following assistance with our information protection service:

  • Coverage that validates and sends only relevant alerts

  • Cyber ​​analysts prepare detailed threat reports for each alert

  • Our Daily Threat Report which provides situational awareness for both key information security and physical security information of the day

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