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Protecting your customer and business data in today's online environment requires an intelligence-driven approach that focuses on identifying risks early for effective prevention and mitigation.

ARXON Information Protection is a comprehensive intelligence offering that complements your security team's efforts to find internal data leaked or stolen from your organization and indicates that outside actors are trying to enter.


There is an ever-growing list of "things I might wish to get off the Internet." From internal documents and phishing sites to email and phone accounts used for fraud against your customers, our removal team is completely dedicated to removing accounts, profiles and content when they are misused or disclosed online.

ARXON provides fast, efficient and affordable response services that support removal of threats that exist online.




Trademark abuse can lead to brand dilution, consumer confusion, poor consumer opinion, and trademark violation. This service scans the web and major social media sites to identify impostor social media accounts, use of copyrighted images, use of the online logo, claimed relationships and domain registrations.

A ARXON intelligence analyst will examine the pool of suspicious data items for relevance.


Protests, boycotts, threats against your employees, agents and facilities can have devastating effects on your organization. In addition to the financial cost and lost productivity, there can be a high price to pay in terms of employee safety, compromised reputation and customer trust.

Seeing online indications and warnings of threats in the physical world requires an information-based approach to security that identifies risks early for effective prevention and mitigation.


Detect and monitor online threats to high-level public or private figures by focusing in three distinct areas:

Leaders Online Threat Alerts - In addition to the Leaders Threat Assessment, which we normally suggest only to those most visible, or those already known to be in the crosshairs of certain opponents, we offer a basic subscription service for email monitoring and alerts.These focus on comments, posts, or other content with potential risk in the areas of physical threats, information threats, or discussions.



ARXON's investigative team is made up of some of our most experienced analysts. They specialize in one-off, short-term survey requests as well as open source analysis and reports. For clients who have needs outside of our long-term analyst assignments, this team is a great option for meeting “immediate” needs and looking for open sources.

Reports and special surveys or improvised ed for important events or private, executive recruitment, etc.

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