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Trademark abuse can lead to brand dilution, consumer confusion, poor consumer opinion, and trademark violation. This service scans the web and major social media sites to identify impostor social media accounts, use of copyrighted images, use of the online logo, claimed relationships and domain registrations.

Impostor Social Media Account - ARXON will identify and provide accounts with the client's brand name (s) in the URL or page title on major social media platform (s) such as: Twitter, Facebook. This list is not exhaustive, nor is it a recitation of the sites we currently monitor. We reserve the right to modify if necessary to stay up to date.

Searching for copyrighted images - Customers provide the images to search. We will provide results that exactly match and almost match the images provided and images with that file name on them.

Online Logo Use - we will provide all occurrences of your logo (exact matches and slight edits) that we discover through an image search and / or a text search for the brand name in the file name. Analysts will review the logos to ensure the logo matches and is not on an authorized site as provided by the customer

Claimed Relationships - Sites claiming to be affiliated with the brand, offer related services, and use your brand to promote the service. When your brand appears with the predetermined set of keywords such as "customer and partner". Analysts will review relevance based on these metrics.

This service comes with a list of potential cybersquatting domains. As part of this service, the analyst will review the typosquatting domains for potential phishing activity and will deliver them in your report. 

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