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ARXON's investigative team is made up of some of our most experienced analysts. They specialize in one-off, short-term survey requests as well as open source analysis and reports. For clients who have needs outside of our long-term analyst assignments, this team is a great option for meeting “immediate” needs and looking for open sources.


Reports and special surveys or improvised  for important events or private, executive recruitment, etc.


Investigations for event monitoring, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence, supplier assessments, etc., especially in situations that require discretion

Key Benefits


  • Decades of experience in conducting web-based surveys for multinationals

  • Expertise in cyber-crime, information studies, security, law and behavioral sciences​

  • Our analysts become an extension of your team that you can call on when needed​

Examples of surveys can be offered below

  • Incident investigation delivered

  • Person of Interest Investigation

  • Third-party management of the attack surface

  • Security event briefing

  • Threat actor profile

  • Online Threat Assessment on Executives

  • Multiple Attack Assessment

  • Investigative website analysis

  • Compliance / Legal due diligence investigation

  • Travel Advice Reports

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